The Legalities of Moving House

When moving house an essential part of the process are the services of conveyance lawyers who will ensure that all the legalities are correctly executed and the relevant searches are carried out. This job begins when an offer has been made and accepted on a property and the two parties involved therefore need to exchange all details relating to the properties along with their personal particulars. Sometimes a buyer considers “acting for themselves” but in the long run this is not advisable as even a straightforward house sale can turn up hidden problems and professional services are required to sort these out. First time buyers are obviously newcomers to the property market and therefore lack experience in this field as well as the emotional stress a marital split can cause which may impact on a smooth home purchase transaction. In the long run, it could ultimately turn into a much more expensive exercise should things go wrong so it is highly advisable to leave this kind of venture in the hands of the trained professionals.

Once the instructions have been made a draft Contract will be prepared which will include all the relevant details for both parties; this will cover the financial aspects, title deeds, any extra items you may wish to purchase such as fixtures and fittings and any other conditions or restrictions made by either party involved. This is also the time when your conveyance lawyer(s) will start to make the local searches on the property and this process will turn up any unlikely clauses or any possible past and present disagreements with regard to neighbours, boundary lines and the like.

After the Contract has been agreed, a mutually convenient completion date will be fixed and this is the time that all parties will work towards, the vendor, the buyer and the conveyance lawyers concerned to bring it all together and allow possession by the new owner on a specific date. If you can imagine that in some cases this can be a very lengthy process particularly if there is a long “chain” of people involved – you have to consider that it may not just be you and your seller and this obviously makes the whole deal a bit more complicated.

The mortgage funds will also be offered at this time together with the buyer’s deposit thereby leading to the exchange of Contracts between both parties. As you will see this really is a job for the professionals as not only is it time consuming, but it is a highly skilled area and really leaves very little margin for error at this crucial time. The property transfer deeds will also be scrutinized together with any other relevant documents as well as the seller’s financial viability and once these processes have been finalised the home purchase should then be ready for completion. The finalisation of any outstanding accounts will be channelled through the conveyance lawyers and any further payments will be made relatively quickly after you have moved into your new property.

As you will see this is a highly professional occupation which can sometimes be fairly emotional depending on the clients personal circumstances e.g. death, divorce, redundancy so try and engage a patient and experienced lawyer to guide you through and conclude the purchase as smoothly as possible. It is fair to say that the majority of house purchase transactions are straight forward procedures and will be finalised in the time scales outlined at the outset and you can take recommendations from your local list of property dealers or even your estate agent on which lawyer would be best for your needs. So you have found your dream home, you have chosen your legal representative and you are now ready to make it all come true using the skill and knowledge of your conveyance lawyer.