What is the prognosis of Alzheimer?

The course is individually very different and not precisely predictable. However, in all cases, the disease progresses steadily. At the time of diagnosis, those who are affected on average live about eight years – causes of death are usually physical illness as a result of childbirth, and mental and physical deterioration.

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Alzheimer’s disease medication

Today they are cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine for treating dementia in Alzheimer available.

Cholinesterase inhibitors, improve the efficiency of the brain. Its effect is individually very different and usually lasts no more than 12 months. The memantine, as well as an improvement of cognitive ability also leads to an improvement in life skills. It could be shown in a recent study that memantine also achieved an improvement of dementia associated with behavioral problems, such as mood swings and anxiety.

Also herbal supplements, especially those containing extracts from the Ginkgo tree, to promote the development of memory. Several studies wissenschafltliche show a positive effect, at least at high doses. Others assess the effect of not greater than that of placebo.

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What symptoms does the disease of Alzheimer?

Almost always, the disease begins with a poor memory, mainly errors of short-term memory and concentration, speech later. The intellectual performance decreases more and more, accompanied by fatigue and loss of judgment. Those affected often develop depression at this stage.

Changes in behavior and personality disorders are typically in the course delusions. The patients are confused, anxious, restless or aggressive. Drag objects around everyday activities such as shopping or dressing worse, people and objects are no longer recognized. Those affected increasingly live in the past.

In the end, they rely on comprehensive assistance on their bodily functions, can no longer speak no control and often bedridden.

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How is the disease of Alzheimer?

Scientists know exactly all the mechanisms that lead to this disease. But did you know that for decades before the onset of protein particles in the brain, called Amyloids accumulate. These are either under scrutiny as typical small fiber (fiber) or spherical structures (plates). Applications seem to prevent the exchange of information between neurons died after some time.

It is known that in the rare cases where the affected younger generation of Amyloids starts in the brain, due to a genetic defect at an early age. Some genetic variants increase the risk and can be determined by a blood test. What triggered primarily, but may initiate the process and what is cause and what is the result still does not know, however researchers.

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Alzheimer’s – if the memory is fading

First of all, it’s just a door that disappears and later develops in unusual places. Then, standing in the grocery store and the wonders of the importance many colorful things. Later, the apartment is suddenly an unknown area. And at the end you do not even recognize the partner with whom we have spent life together. Alzheimer’s disease is a relentless opponent that industrialized countries continue to occur at the end of the ring, and always wins.

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Vitamin bomb Apple

He grows almost everywhere, is practical and straightforward, tastes good and is also very healthy. The speech is from Apple, our most popular fruit. His health is enormous. Apples promote digestion, because they contain 2% dietary fiber. Valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, and the trace elements zinc, copper and manganese into them. B group vitamins such as thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, Pantothenic acid, folic acid and biotin, and also vitamin C is found in apples. They are rich in phytochemicals and contain flavonoids as well as lutein and zeaxanthin. The latter two appear in our retina and there exercised an important protective function. Zeaxanthin plays an important role in response to light. That’s why it says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” in Anglo-Saxon countries.

No other fruit we consume also only nearly as much — about 40 kg per head per year. Slightly more than a quarter of which has been pressed to Apple juice, eaten but the larger part.

In the kitchen, apples are versatile to use. They can be baked, fried and boiled. Preferably, we eat them raw however. Salads are resistant varieties, such as Cox’s Orange, Elstar, Golden or red delicious. It must be not always varieties from the supermarket. Apples from the garden while often have not the standard size, are but healthier because they are not injected. These apples, you can safely eat with the shell. Purchased apples should be washed warm at best and be eaten with the Peel. Eventually most of the vitamins and minerals are located here and in the housing. Apples are long-lasting, if dark stored with high humidity in the basement or in the refrigerator. Already processed apples can easily freeze. In the preparation of salads, one should necessarily give lemon juice over the apples, otherwise, they will quickly turn brown.

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Hot drinks of good feeling for the cold season

If it is cold outside and uncomfortable, something warm our souls doing good especially. There is nothing nicer than in winter when icy temperatures comfortably with a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee and relax on the sofa. Some of the hot drinks can even positive impact on our health. You should enjoy others in mass, however, only because they are very calories. We have taken seven hot drinks for you more closely scrutinized.

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Respiratory infections

Do the self-cleaning forces of the respiratory system
Besides the intake of oxygen and humidification and heating of the air we breathe, the filtering of pollutants, as well as the immune system are the most important tasks of the respiratory tract. A major role of mucociliary clearance here. The respiratory tract are lined mostly with a layer of mucus, the respiratory epithelium. Tiny Cilia, mucus-producing Goblet cells, called Cilia that move continuously and seromuköse glands are located on the surface of the mucous membrane. The secreted mucus along with the the debris towards the throat is promoted by the ciliary beat. From there is a pathogens and pollutants in the stomach, where they are destroyed by stomach acids. In a healthy person is the daily secretion of mucus between 10 and 100 milliliters. About 90 percent of inhaled foreign body can be transported over the secretions from the respiratory tract.

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Eat healthy at the Christmas market

Sausages are among the typical goodies at the Christmas market. At the snack is allowed, but who frequently accesses must reckon with negative effects for the character: because sausages contain fat of lots of and calories. If you order in addition to the sausage still ketchup, fries, or mayonnaise, can beat such a meal quickly with around 1000 calories to beech.
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Natural relief from back pain

innovative treatment device against the number one people suffering. Together with renowned German university clinics, Philips has developed a treatment device back pain based on blue LED light: BlueTouch. It is an innovative, substance-free therapy that can reduce chronic back pain in a natural way. 40 high-tech, integrated into the device surface, blue LEDs (light emitting diodes) apply special therapeutic blue light directly on the skin.

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